The boyfriend and I recently bought a Crockpot after my best friend convinced us that it be a great investment for the both of us since we both are terrible cooks/we’ve never cooked before.

I am super excited to start making meals and eating more at home. I am pretty bad about eating out all the time and I feel like I am starting to round out. My metabolism isn’t what it used to be sadly.

Anyone have any good Crockpot recipes? I’ve just been googling and subscribed to the slowcooking subreddit! I will update with pictures after we decide what our first Crockpot meal will be.


How to Save Money

If you’re a piece of shit like me and don’t know how to save money, and like to buy shit but can’t save money, well you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s some tips:

  • Buy a planner – Yes it sounds counterproductive, but this is my guide so stfu. No, but seriously this is an optional step 1. IF you have an urge to spend money and like buying cute planners, BUY ONE to budget. Use it as an excuse to buy one last thing. Try to stay under $15. REMEMBER, we’re trying to save money. So, no don’t go to Target to buy planners. You’ll end up walking out with 18 TV’s, a chair, and a crib for your unborn child who you will never be able to afford because you went to Target.
  • Avoid Amazon-ing at Work – When you’re bored out of your mind, things on Amazon seriously look even more appealing. I honestly have no idea how I end up looking at half the shit I look at. why am i looking at cat beds when I don’t even own a cat. 
  • Watch out for Groupon deals – be careful of some of these deals. A coupon for a haircut and style could turn out to be $200 more expensive then you intended. Read the terms and exclusions aka read what you’re buying.
  • Use CASH MONEY – when it’s so easy to swipe your credit card or use apple pay or whatever – you tend to forget how much you’re actually spending. if you’re planning on going to the mall – withdraw $200 and use that as your mall allowance for the day. if you run out of money and decide to use your credit card, well shit, you really don’t know how to control yourself. idk what to tell you. bye.
  • Go to OUTLETS – because i am cheap as hell and buy my “fancy” bags at outlet stores. The Kate Spade Outlet has some amazing deals and they usually even have an extra 15% student discount.

*Warning: This guide is a complete waste of time. lol. just don’t buy shit you can’t afford dumb shit.

Thanks for reading! What are some of your (legitimate) ways of saving money?

Gudetama Chef Cafe: Taiwan


I recently went to Taiwan to visit my grandma and some relatives (Oct 11 to Oct 26, 2016). I’ll make a longer post about Taiwan later, but for now, while I was there my cousin texted me and told me there was a Gudetama Cafe in Taiwan. Boy was I surprised! I remember googling “Gudetama cafe” before going to Taiwan and sadly my google search skills did not lead to any results. I remember thinking “damn, the Gudetama cafe’s are only in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore right now.”  (more…)

The Mindy Project

After hearing a lot of good things, I started watching The Mindy Project. With each episode, it felt like I was waiting for the next actor/actress from The Office to show u – which I guess was kind of cool. The show wasn’t too bad, but it hasn’t made me laugh out loud like I had expected to at first.

Also, it felt like there were a lot of random cast changes. People just seemed to disappear without any farewell episode. Even google didn’t provide a proper answer of why certain cast members just disappeared out of thin air. And I am not really a big fan of the new nurse and doctor they just added onto the show. Peter Prentice feels a lot like Morgan. It didn’t seem to make sense. What was more infuriating was probably the disappearance of Mindy’s best friend Gwen. Her so called bff forever just disappears from her life and show from out of nowhere. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, especially since in season 1 they focused a lot about her friends and their chemistry.

Now that I am in season 2, it sort of just feels like I am waiting for Mindy and Danny to get together and the show writers are just delaying it until the final season. The Mindy Project isn’t going to make my favorite shows list anytime soon, but it’s good enough to play in the background and bingewatch through.

Game: Atlas Reactor

QUICK UPDATE: Atlas Reactor is now in OPEN BETA (Sep 15 – 25)! All heroes are free to try out. Take this chance to try the game yourself! 🙂

I recently started playing this new game on steam called Atlas Reactor made by Trion Worlds. I’ve never played any of their games, but the client looks pretty clean.

In short, it’s essentially a “simultaneous turn-based PvP game (or AI)”. Think of it as a blend of Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem and Code Name Steam, but it’s honestly a super unique experience/gameplay. I like a lot of the character designs and even the healers are fun to play.

The game is pretty fast-paced, so if you’re not paying attention your turn will go by pretty fast. The first couple rounds you’re going to probably be a little lost, but eventually you’ll learn as you play. I would explain the game mechanics and movement, but the game tutorial itself does it 100% better. Definitely don’t skip out on the tutorial.

Right now it’s in closed beta and it’s currently free on steam, so go try it for yourself! You can only play the free to play roster available to you, but if you buy the full game you get all characters unlocked. I haven’t bought it yet, but I am trying out all the characters available to me right now. Interesting thing is that everyone gets different rotating characters. The people I play with don’t have the same characters as me! Pretty cool.

My favorite character is Aurora right now. She reminds me of Storm who went Super Saiyan basically. Anyone else give this game a try? Thoughts?

Kate Spade: Crab Purse

I think it’s the pastel colors that got me a bit obsessed with Kate Spade, but I now own several KS items. I am also lucky since I live pretty close to a Kate Spade outlet and can get a lot of cute items on a discount.

One of my most recent Kate Spade purchases, is this little guy:

My best friend saw this at the outlet and called me right away. She sent me pics and I fell in love and had to have it.

It’s a bit tinier then expected (well, i am not surprised since crabs aren’t really known for their luggage space), but I usually use it when i am going somewhere quick and don’t need to bring much. I am also notoriously bad at not matching – so i wear it randomly even if my outfit doesn’t match.
I can probably stuff my cell phone, small wallet, chap stick, sunglasses and car keys in here. Not horrendously tiny.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and so glad that I have it.



Cosplay Chronicles 2

This past weekend at SDCC, I cosplayed for the very first time!

I was a little worried since it was sort of hot and I didn’t know if my boots were going to hurt or not, but I ended up cosplaying on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning was perfect. The weather was overcast and we were outside for Adult Swim, so it was even a little chilly.

Zootopia cosplay was a success. I didn’t really expect anyone to notice us or ask us for pictures, but we had at least 50 ppl take pics of us. It was an exhilarating feeling. It made my time stressing over it worth it. We got many comments and kids especially adored us.



On Sunday, we did Android 17 from Dragonball Z. We didn’t get a full body picture together :(. We didn’t get as many comments or pictures, but it was still lots of fun!

I am excited to cosplay more now! 😀

I survived Comic Con 2016

I survived the sweat, the smells, the tears and the zombie walk of SDCC 2016. HURRAH! Last 4 years I have been going to Anime Expo and have never been to a panel but I finally went to my first panel at Comic Con.

I ended up sitting through a couple Panels at SDCC: Geek and Sundry + Critical Role, The Nerdist panel with Chris Hardwick, Meet Comic-con HQ, NBC’s The Good Place: World Premiere, Silicon Valley and Niantic’s PokemonGO  presentation!


PokemonGO has ruined my life

Actually, it’s probably made it better. Since the release of PokemonGO, I’ve actually been going outside. I even got out of bed one morning and put on pants because there was a Jigglypuff outside. I take significantly more steps now and go outside multiple times a day in 110 degree weather. This game is changing my life. For the better I guess?


Just the other night, I went around with my best friend and we hunted Pokemons in empty parking lots. She also happens to live right next to a Pokestop and we can reach it in her room, so she’s never moving out of that apartment. All future apartments/housing will need to have a Pokestop for me to consider living there. I don’t like going to the bars, but PokemonGO will probably be the only reason why I would head downtown for. Even though Team Valor is the most popular, most of my friends are on Team Instinct. I regret not being on the same team as them, since that means I can’t take the same gym as them.

My favorite memory of PokemonGO so far was defnitely when I tricked my best friend into taking a gym near her place. It was getting late and I was pretty tired, but there was a low CP gym near her, so I told her she should go beat it. After she defeated the gym, I threw my CP 15 Weedle in there. She tried to kick me out of the gym, but it ended up glitching so she wasn’t able to kill my Weedle. Lol.
13647069_10210119723453962_264559676_o 13621596_10210119722533939_1155941133_o

Honestly, it’s amazing to see so many people out in AZ when it’s hot as hell. At the local mall, there’s 3 pokestops right next to each other, so you can see a bunch of people chilling out there. This game is addicting and awesome.

What’s your most memorable experience of PokemonGO so far? What’s your favorite pokemon that you have caught?

Cosplay Chronicles 1

SDCC is less then 2 weeks away and I will be cosplaying for my first time. My first time at SDCC and it’ll be my first time cosplaying ever. I honestly never thought that I myself would ever cosplay, but my bf convinced me with this simple phrase: couple cosplay. So, I blame him if I look terrible. I’ll be cosplaying as Judy Hopps from Zootopia and he will be Nick Wilde. Sidenote: We are also both cosplaying Android 17 from DBZ.

Props to all the dedicated cosplayers! Cosplaying is seriously difficult. I am always impressed by how well people’s cosplays are, but now I know it’s witchcraft. I wasn’t really making any of my cosplay this time around and I had such a hard time figuring out what to buy and where to buy without breaking the bank and also wanting it to look good.

Here’s a picture of my materials:
Wig + ears – Ebay
Black Tank Top – Amazon
Blue long sleeve shirt – H&M
Carrot Pen – Disney store
Utility Belt – Amazon
(not pictured – jeans and bunny tail)

All together this cosplay cost me around $70~. Cosplaying is not easy and it’s not cheap :(. The hardest part for me were the “arm cuff” parts. I wasn’t sure what to buy to make it, but my mom ended up helping me.

She bought small kids shorts and cut it up and found shiny silver tape:

It was a actually pretty brilliant idea and I am pretty proud of how it turned out.

I haven’t taken a picture of the full cosplay yet, but here’s one for now:

This will be my first cosplay, so I am pretty nervous and hope I look decent. Hopefully, it’s not too bad and I’ll definitely update once I have a full picture. Thanks for reading!